The Vulcan - Single pass short run box-maker

Versatility at a touch of a button Are you a Manufacture

As a manufacture/merchant packaging materials you no doubt, are involved in the use of cardboard boxes either to customers specific requirements or from a range of stock sizes.

With gross margins of up to 70% the short run boxmaking business could provide a very profitable expansion to your business from your existing customer base.

Do you have a manufactoring Business?

Imagine having the convenience of creating any size cardboard box you require in a matter of minutes. No more bulky stocks of made-up boxes taking up valuable warehouse space and money.

Sound Good? How could it not
  • The Vulcan Box-maker from Fyne Packaging offers you Versatility at a touch of a button using sheets of cardboard
  • The Vulcan will slot crease in one quick pass, ready for easy assemble as and when required
  • The Vulcan can produce a box any length, 1 meter wide and 1.2 meters deep.

  • Vulcan Technical Data:
  • Machine Length: 2800mm
  • Machine Width: 1000mm
  • Machine Height: 1500mm

  • Electrical & Air Supply:
  • Electrical: 240v 50cy. Single Phase
  • Air: 100 P.S.I (16C.F.M Max.)

  • Materials:

  • All Grades of Singlewall cardboard and up to 400 400 A/A
  • Key Benifits:
  • Handles short runs economically
  • Set up in 15 seconds
  • Range of 33 Fefco Styles
  • 1000 Boxes per hour
  • British designed and built

  • The Vulcan Boxmaker

    Available Extras

  • Catcher Table
  • Conveyor
  • Glue gun
  • Staplers
  • If you would like any more information on the Harrier boxmaker then please contact us on 01525 852246. To book a demonstration please contacts us. We can orgonise one at our Leighton buzzard branch or at one of our customers around the country